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Commercial Insurance

Commerce is expanding, and expertise development has accommodated for new business lines, solo decision makers and growing businesses. Commercial business insurance is vital for success, and obtaining adequate coverage is important for any expanding business. Where commercial auto insurance, general liability insurance, property insurance, workers compensation and Business Owner Packages are considered, acquiring an effective mix can boost a business’s potential.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance policies protect a variety of business components. Bodily injury, property damage and liability are regularly covered within auto insurance policies. Similarly, maintenance, ownership and use expenses are covered when utilized “in the line of business.” Commercial auto insurance policies often include attorney fees, injured person costs and court costs—protecting a commercial leader when motorized equipment, trucks, buses or fleet vehicles are used.

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Commercial general liability insurance offers coverage in circumstances surrounding “legal obligations.” In such situations, coverage buffers expenses associated with economic damages inflicted upon third parties or clients. Alleged negligence, improper advice, omission errors and similar service failures are covered by commercial general liability insurance, and such coverage is often offered in packages depending upon the commercial entity’s aspects.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects a business’s important facilities and structures, including walls, equipment, furniture, inventory, landscaping, signs and other materials. Often, such coverage is applied to damages caused by accidents, fire, weather or vandalism. Commercial property coverage is often customizable—granting owners flexibility depending upon their workplace’s general needs and resource usages.

Workers Compensation

Commercial workers compensation refers to liability coverage surrounding employee health and safety. Injured employees deserve protection, and they deserve medical bill alleviation. Commercial business are required, by law, to offer workers compensation, including common coverage of sickness, on-job injuries, auto-related accidents and delivery-based accidents. Similarly, dangerous, work-based exposure, such as chemical injuries, are often covered within workers compensation plans.

Business Owner Package (BOP)

Commercial Business Owner Packages, often called “BOPs”, combine major policy protection aspects to deliver an all-inclusive coverage package. Often, a BOP is a specialized insurance package capable of providing a specific business’s basic needs. These “bundles” are normally sold at premiums, and they regularly target small and medium-sized businesses. BOPs often contain interruption insurance, which offers reimbursement for up to a year’s loss of revenue inflicted by the loss of insured property.